Important Information About Termites
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Think you may have found Termites or Termite Damage in Brisbane?

Whatever you do, don’t panic. Termite Guys Brisbane can give you advice about termites, termite activity, termite management, what a termite treatment is and more. We are pest controllers who can assist you anytime, day or night. You can also upload a photo of what you have found and we will try our best to identify it for you.

Once a termite infestation has been identified and confirmed, we will show you how to stop the Termite problem quickly and prevent it from recurring. Every Termite Treatment is tailored specifically to your home, and to fit your needs. All of the inspectors at Termite Guys Brisbane are honest, trustworthy and reliable and they will not try and sell you something you won’t need.

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How to eradicate termites.

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It is best not to disturb or spray termites if you find them in your home. This will only kill the few termites you can see. The colony holds thousands of termites and it will continue to thrive even without the few above ground. A termite treatment, such as Termidor, counteracts this by having a delayed reaction. Over a few days the chemical will spread throughout the colony and kill it from within. Not only this, termites cannot taste, smell or detect this chemical so they will spread it without knowing.

If you disturb the termites they will withdraw at that specific spot but reemerge in other areas. If left alone until the professional treatment the termite treatment will have a greater chance to eradicate the colony quickly.

Termidor is the world’s leading termite control product and it is our first choice if termites have been found in your home. Termidor dust has a unique ‘transfer effect’ and spreads through the colony to kill the nest. It is our best chance to eliminate the termite nest, if the nest cannot be found.

If the nest is located we can treat the colony within it, or even remove the nest completely.

The Termidor method is fast, effective and much safer than arsenic and other toxic pesticides!

We can provide this Termite Treatment in Brisbane today!

Protect your home with a Termidor Termite Treatment.

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There are a few termite treatment methods. Examples of these are termite baiting systems, non-repellent termite barriers, physical termite barriers and more.

Termite Baiting System

Baits are suitable in some cases and is useful for termite monitoring. Termite bait stations are placed in the soil around your home to detect termites. A technician will monitor the stations every few months to check for termite activity. When activity is detected the bait is added to the system. The bait contains the active chemical which will be brought back to the colony and kill it. It is also possible to add above ground bait stations. These will be located in your home, or on your external walls.

Non-Repellent termite Barrier

In most cases we recommend a chemical soil treatment, also known as a non-repellent termite barrier as they offer a very good protection for many years against termite attacks.

After the initial termite treatment to kill the colony a non-repellent termite barrier will be installed around your home. Termidor is applied to the soil along the perimetres of your home to create a continuous termite barrier which is undetectable to termites. This treated zone will keep your home protected for years to come.

A Termidor termite treatment around a medium to large home can usually be carried out in one day and can protect the home up to 8 years.

Why is Termidor so effective?
Termites travel below the ground looking for food. They will even travel under concrete paths until they come into contact with Termidor treated soil. As the termites unknowingly pick up Termidor on their bodies they will begin spreading it on to other termites in the colony. These secondarily affected termites also pass Termidor on through feeding or contact. This process is called the ‘Transfer Effect’.

As this process takes a few days the chemical will spread deep into the colony and is likely to reach the king and queen. The mating couple need to be fed by the workers and come in close contact with a lot of colony members. The queen and king are together the building pillar of the colony. Thus, without them the colony will crumble and die.

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Choosing a Termite Controller

Michael, the owner and founder of Termite Guys Brisbane

Michael, the owner and founder of Termite Guys Brisbane. Here he exposes a termite nest in a wall, prior to a Termite Treatment.

Why choose Termite Guys Brisbane for your Termite Treatment?

  • Termite Guys Brisbane will design a Termite Protection system specifically for your home to provide you with the best options available.
  • Our goal is to provide you affordable, effective, long-term termite protection in Brisbane.
  • Termite Treatments with Rock Solid Warranties.
  • Thermal imaging technology for extra peace of mind.
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  • Termite Guys staff are insured, qualified and experienced in all aspects of Termite Control.
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We will take the time to solve  your termite problem to the end.

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