Cannibalism and termites?

A recent study into how a termite colony handles starvation brings light to cannibalism. Earlier on it was believed that termites would turn to cannibalism to retain nitrogen. The wood they normally consume lack this vital ingredient. However, a new … Read More

High Quality Termite Treatment in Stretton

Termite Guys Brisbane - Removing Nasutitermes nest

What types of termite treatment are offered in Stretton? Which one should you choose, and why? If you own a home in Stretton, you probably want to keep it safe from Termite infestation. Let’s dig deeper into this. One of … Read More

Termite Protection in Fig Tree Pocket

The leafy riverside suburb of Fig Tree Pocket is the home of many spectacular homes. Not only known for Lone Pine Koala sanctuary and the pony club, but also some of the grandest mansions in Brisbane. There are also more … Read More

Termite Risk – in the suburbs of Brisbane

Where you live in Brisbane can have a massive impact on the risk of termites infesting your home. Some suburbs are more prone to termite issues than others. In the upcoming months we will go through the different suburbs of … Read More

Termites Devouring a Miniature Home!

Subterranean termites in Brisbane

The National Pest Management Association, based in the US, carried out this very interesting experiment on termite destruction. They built a miniature house and then released termites into the ground surrounding it. The tiny house has all the bells and … Read More

Eating termites – A Collection of Recipes

Nasutitermes Termite Species Soldier

It probably never crossed your mind that eating termites could be beneficial to your health. As food scarcity is gaining global awareness insects have entered the menus. Insects offer a climate conscious alternative to meat. Some insects even contain greater … Read More

Termite inspired Architecture

What can we learn from the animal kingdom in regards of constructing buildings? Termites build intriguing and climate controlled mounds. They need to control their environment meticulously as they are very sensitive beings that cannot survive unless it is warm … Read More