Technically speaking, yes, termites and white ants are the same. ‘White ants’ is the generic layman’s term people use to describe termites. We stick to calling them termites when treating them professionally, as this is the scientific term.

Yes, there are other termiticide products on the market, but Termidor is the most effective and has the longest residual action, meaning it will keep working for longer after the treatment has been carried out. We generally use Termidor products, however, as it is the best product on the market. It also comes with an 8-year, 2 million dollar structural warranty to give customers extra peace of mind.

No, you can’t buy Termidor online and administer it yourself, without the necessary qualifications. Due to its high strength, Termidor can only be applied by a licensed technician. If you suspect you have termites, call us and we can assess your property and administer the product on your behalf.

No, Termidor is designed to be safe for humans and animals when used as directed, however, it is important to take precautions when handling it. Our technicians are specially trained in its application and will take all necessary safety measures when carrying out a treatment to ensure that it causes no harm to you, your family or your pets. It is also essentially scentless, so you will never even know it is there.

When applied correctly, Termidor treatments have an 8-year lifespan. The developers are so confident in this that they offer an 8-year, 2 million dollar structural warranty to back it.

Termidor is a non-repellent termiticide, which means termites cannot detect it and are allowed to re-enter the colony once infected. This differs from products that aren’t non-repellant, where infected termites will be executed by the colony guards when trying to re-enter. By being allowed back into the hive, the infected termites can spread the infection to the rest of their colony, ultimately killing them all.

This depends on the level of risk of your property and the treatment you have administered.
Our Termidor termite treatment has a lifespan of 8-years, during which time your home is guaranteed to remain protected without technician intervention.
Other treatments, such as our termite baiting service, require intervention every couple of months.
If you book a free onsite inspection, one of our expert technicians can advise on the best treatment solution for your property and how often it will need to be maintained.

Yes, Brisbane is considered a high-risk area for termites. This is because the city has a warm, humid climate which is ideal for termites to thrive. There are also many homes and buildings in Brisbane that are made of timber, which is the perfect food source for termites. If you live in Brisbane, it’s important to be vigilant for signs of termites and to have your property regularly inspected by a professional

Termites need three things to survive: food, shelter and moisture. If your property provides these things, then you may be at risk of a termite infestation.
Some signs that your property could be attractive to termites include:

— Leaky taps or pipes
— Damp basement or crawl space
— Poor drainage around the property
— Cracks in the foundation or walls
— Wooden deck or porch
— Stacks of firewood or lumber near the house
— Neighbouring termite infestations
— Timber in contact with frequently damp ground

If you have any of these conditions on your property, it’s important to have a professional termite inspection carried out as soon as possible.

In some rare circumstances, we may be able to offer a quote over the phone, although this is not preferred.

The Termite Guys offer a free onsite measure and quote for all customers within our service area. By inspecting the property first, we can ensure that we recommend the most appropriate termite solution, that our quotes are accurate and fair, and that our impeccable service standards are upheld, time after time.

If you would like to arrange a free onsite measure and quote, please give us a call or fill out our online form and we will be in touch soon.

While we do have the capacity to administer a general pest treatment when customers specifically request it, our primary focus is on providing industry-leading termite treatments. By focusing only on termites, we can ensure that we offer nothing but the best protection against what is generally considered the most destructive house pest.

Currently, we service the mainland within a 32 km radius of Manly, Qld 4179.

Yes, our primary focus is on providing the best termite service possible and this involves offering a follow-up service. The timeframe for follow-ups varies depending on the treatment and condition of your property, however, we do recommend having your property inspected at least once a year.

When carried out by a professional, there are minimal risks associated with termite treatment
The main risk is that the termites will simply relocate to another area of the property that has not been treated. This is why it’s so important to have your entire property inspected and treated, rather than just the area where you found termites.

No, you don’t need to be home during the treatment. In fact, it’s often better if you’re not, as this allows our technicians to work more quickly and efficiently.
However, we understand that some people may feel more comfortable being home during the treatment. If this is the case, we are more than happy to accommodate your request. Just let us know when you book your treatment.

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