Coptotermes Acinaciformis

Brief Description
With their large colonies and relatively small size, this is the most destructive species in Australia and is present over the entire Australian mainland. We commonly find this type of termite in ‘hard to treat’ construction scenarios. Capable of causing extraordinary amounts of damage in a short period of time, and are most commonly found in or near bushland. In some circumstances however they will show up anywhere in suburban areas.

Nesting Habits
Gum Trees, old tree stumps, patio cavities, in behind retaining walls and inside the hollow of large timber logs are common nest harborages for this termite species. It is not uncommon to find this termite in excess of 100 metres from the nest.

Chemical treatments are generally our first recommendation, however if construction issues make the installation of a complete treatment impossible, Baiting can be a practical termite solution. Eradication of the colony can be achieved by intercepting the colony with monitoring stations and feeding a registered chemical bait matrix to foraging termites, designed for transferal to the nest. Although multiple nests can be found within close proximity of each other, this species is considered to considered to be a single-site nester (independent colonies)

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