What is a termite inspection (thermal)?

A termite inspection (thermal) is a thorough inspection of your property that allows our expert team to gain an in-depth understanding of your home’s termite situation. During the termite inspection (thermal), our experts look for signs of current or past termite activity, as well as conditions that could make the property attractive to termites in the future. They will also look for signs of other pests, including wood borers and fungal decay.

All Termite Guys termite inspections (thermal) are carried out by our licensed timber pest inspectors in accordance with Australian Standards Series AS3660.2-2017.

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How does a termite inspection (thermal) work?

Firstly, our team will conduct a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas of your home to look for potential signs of infestation or potential risk areas, including roof spaces, sub-floor areas, timber fences, gardens and internal walls.


We will then use our specialised termite tools, including our state-of-the-art thermal cameras, Termatrac motion detectors and sounding equipment, to take an in-depth look at areas of your home which cannot be visually inspected. This information is then used to make thoroughly informed recommendations on how to best protect your property moving forward.

When do we recommend termite inspection (thermal)?

We recommend carrying out a termite inspection (thermal) as part of your regular home maintenance service in order to prevent potential problems before they arise. This is especially important if you live in an area with a high risk of termite infestation, such as Brisbane.


The Australian standards recommend that homeowners have termite inspections carried out a minimum of once a year in normal-risk situations and more regularly in high-risk situations. Remember, early detection is key when it comes to preventing costly damage from termites.

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What steps are involved with a termite inspection (thermal)?

The process for termite inspection (thermal) is as follows:


Our technician will carry out a free onsite inspection of your property to identify any signs of existing termite activity and potential risk areas. They will then make service recommendations according to your specific property.


Once we have established that a termite inspection (thermal) is recommended for your home, our team will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your property, both inside and out, using our state-of-the-art termite detection equipment to identify any signs of termite activity or risk areas likely to attract termites in the future.


Once the inspection is complete, our technician will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing everything that was found and the recommended service to treat any existing termite infestation or protect against future termite attacks.

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How to prepare for a termite inspection (thermal)?

To assist our technicians in conducting the most thorough inspection of your property as possible, we kindly ask that you prepare your home in the following ways –


  1. Clear items away from the external walls of your home – this ensures our technicians do not have to skip inspecting any part of your home due to obstructions. This is also a positive step towards preventing future termite attacks, as storing goods beside the external walls of your home often creates dark and damp conditions that are attractive to termites.

  2. Clear items away from the internal walls of your home – this again ensures our technicians can be as comprehensive as possible with their internal inspection of your home. When it is not practical to clear all internal walls of your home, we recommend you prioritise clearing the internal perimeter walls of the lower level of your home, as well as around all skirting boards, windows and door frames.

3. Open all curtains and blinds – this allows our technicians to inspect your home’s architraves without obstruction. It also allows more natural light which improves the overall visibility for inspecting other areas of your home.

4. Clear any cupboards that back onto a shower or sink – termites love dark and damp conditions that are most common behind your shower and sink. If you have cupboards behind your shower or beneath your sink, we kindly ask that you empty them to allow us to be as thorough as possible.

Don’t forget the garage – garage walls are often the most difficult to access during  inspections due to shelving installations and this being a high storage area. When preparing your home for its termite inspection, we kindly ask you to remember to clear all items from the skirting boards in your garage as well. 


Remember – the better access we have, the better we are able to detect any signs of termites.

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How much does termite inspection (thermal) cost?

Our termite inspection (thermal) service varies in cost depending on the type and size of your home. Once our expert service technicians have completed their free onsite assessment, they can give you an accurate quote on how much this service will cost for your home.


We will always confirm this quote with you before starting work, and there will never be any hidden fees — guaranteed!

Reach out to our friendly team to organise a free assessment and quote on the best termite treatment solution for your property today.

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