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  • Think you might have found termites? Use our guide to help you identify them and get in touch with us on 0447 268 257
    Termite Identification Chart
    Think you found termites? Have a look at our gallery of species and see which kind you might have. Learn more about Termites
  • Flying termite

    Termites are Swarming

    What is a Flying Termite? Are they dangerous to your home? What should you do if you find one?

    All these answers you can find on our Flying Termites page.

  • It is easy to get an inspection through Termite Guys Brisbane


    Been a while since your last termite inspection? All of our Termite Inspectors are trained in Thermal imaging for Termite Detection.

    Learn about our Termite Inspections

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    Think you may have found Termites or Termite Damage in Brisbane? We can help!
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