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What types of termite treatment are offered in Stretton? Which one should you choose, and why? If you own a home in Stretton, you probably want to keep it safe from Termite infestation. Let’s dig deeper into this.

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner in Stretton is termite problems. However, if a proper termite treatment is put in place the subterranean termites can be stopped in their tracks. We recommend a non-repellent termite barrier in most circumstances. A non repellent barrier treatment is a slow acting chemical barrier engulfing your home. The chemical goes unnoticed by the termites which brings it home to the termite colony which then kills them from inside. Read on for a greater understanding of this type of termite control.

What Types of Termite Treatments can you get in Stretton?

Termite treatments offered in Stretton range from Physical termite barriers, Chemical Non-Repellent Barrier Treatment and Baiting systems.

Physical Termite Barrier examples are: Ant caps on poles under Queenslander style homes. The in slab physical barrier is another type of physical termite protection. Installation of in slab physical barriers is part of all modern homes. Physical Termite Barriers do not actually stop termite attacks. Their function is to make the attack visible. This exposes the mud tubes termites build to protect them from the elements. The mud tubes run from the soil up towards your home. Visible mud leads enables a quicker treatment date than if these are within the house.

Chemical Non-Repellent Barrier Treatments. These treatments are market leaders as they offer a long term protection if installed correctly. They are a type of soil barrier which goes all the way around the home, creating a continuous barrier between the termites and the wooden structure the termites hunger for. Termidor is our chosen product, which is also the market leading brand. There are two varieties of Termidor, where the High Efficiency product only came out last year. If you want to read more about it, click here.

Termite Baiting Systems. Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems offer a solution for complicated constructions or properties where it is not possible to have a Non-Repellent Barrier. Baiting systems require a lot of inspections and are over time very labor intensive. These systems have proven to many times be a lot more expensive than Non-Repellent Barriers.

Why do some Termite Treatments suit Stretton homes better than others?

Stretton is a southern suburb of Brisbane that is rich in bush land. With the big Karrawatha forest as a big part of the suburb there is plenty of termite activity. Termites can go up to 150 meters from their colony in search for food sources. Most homes are in addition to this from the 1970s and onwards. Their termite protections are likely to have run out by now.

Have a look in your electrical meter box to find out what type of protection your home has. There should be a not stating what type of protection was installed, when and when it is time to replenish it. If you cannot find this note it is very likely to not be any in place. If you have any questions about this give Michael a call ( 0447 268 257 )and he will try to help you the best he can.

Termite Guys Brisbane, with Michael being the owner and founder of the business, have through experience understood that the most secure solution for most homes are the Non-Repellent Termite Treatment. This treatment works in such a way that the termites cannot sense the chemical. They tunnel through the chemical to get to your home, and because it is a slow acting chemical it will bring it back to the colony. In the colony the chemical is spread through grooming and feeding between the termites, eventually reaching the king and queen. As the termites starts to die within a few days of the treatment, so will the colony as a whole.

How is a Non-Repellent Termite Treatment in Stretton Installed?

The installation process is as follows:

  1. A Termite Technician, most of the time Michael, will come out to your home and create a quote for you. We email you the quote. The quote is written in such a way that it is easy to understand regardless if you are a Pest Control Professional or not. You will either accept the quote, or ask for changes to it if you wish to go ahead.
  2. The next step is a thorough Termite Inspection according to the current Australian Standard. AS3660.2:2017. The Technician produces a a Termite Inspection Report, which entails all the details of any termite activity.
  3. If any active termites are found they will be sprayed, foamed or treated in whichever way is best suited for the property.
  4. The Technician digs a trench to specific standards around the perimeter of the home. Wherever tiles or concrete is present holes are carefully drilled at specific distances as to keep the continuous barrier unbroken. If you have big tiles, or are worried about visible signs of the treatment, the Termidor HE is now on the market. This product allows for further spacing between the drill holes, and thus allows us to drill in grout lines rather than in the middle of tiles most of the time.
  5. The technician will now fill up the product along the trench and in the drilled holes according to the right concentration and volume per meter. This is very important, and if not, the barrier will not be of good enough quality.
  6. The trench will be covered again, and any drill holes will be sealed shut. The sealant will be matched to the grout, tile or concrete as best as possible to make them inconspicuous.
  7. An Installation Certificate will be produced which has all the details about your specific home and the treatment installed.

How Long does it Take to Install a Termite Barrier?

The size of your home and the complexity of the job has a great impact on time frame of installation. Although, a typical sized home will take one full 8 hour working day to install, with two Termite Control Technicians doing the work. Bigger properties, or properties with a lot of tiled and concreted areas may take longer, up to a few days.

How Long does a Termite Treatment Last?

A Non-Repellent Termite Treatment, made with Termidor products has a life expectancy of up to 8 years. Movement of the soil barrier will break the barrier, so if you are renovating your home please contact us to ensure you are still keeping your home safe.

How Much does a Non-repellent Termite Barrier Cost?

The price of a Non-Repellent Termite Barrier varies with the house. Typically the installation cost runs from $2000 to $3000. For an exact estimate a Technician needs to come out to your home.

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