Termites after Rain – Why do termites emerge after rain?

Swarmer, flying termite

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The past few years have been incredibly dry in Brisbane, as for almost entire Australia. When the rain finally arrives it is not only welcomed by humans living in Brisbane, but also by the termite population. Changes in humidity following rain allows flying termites, alates, to live longer when in search for a new mate and nesting spot. Termites are very delicate creatures with a very thin exoskeleton, so when exposed to the weather they will choose the most favourable time to fledge.

A sudden outburst lures termites after rain out of their hiding. How come, and why should you consider termite protection in the wake of rain?

Termites after Rain – Safety for delicate creatures

Swarmers, flying termites after rain.
Swarmers, flying termites after rain.

Termites are incredibly delicate beings. Their exoskeleton (skin) is thin and soft, this is why you rarely see them out and about. They are sensitive to light and temperature. They have low tolerance to changes in humidity as their skin is so thin and cannot contain moisture. Not only that, they are also a nutritious and tasty meal for hungry animals such as birds, possums, lizards and more. The emerging termites after rain which you may see are swarmers, also known as alates. These swarmers are females and males on a mission. They are fertile and ready to mingle, and start new colonies.

What does this have to do with rain? Swarmers, like the other castes in the colony, are very fragile to any changes in environment. For their survival they only come out in beneficial circumstances to ensure a high rate of survival. Very few of the swarmers actually go on to starting new and successful colonies. But to maximise the possibility of establishing new colonies swarming often occurs on the first sunny day after rain. The rain moistens the soil. The wet ground gives the newly mated swarmers a longer time to find a good nesting site.

What to do if you find termites after rain?

Swarmer, flying termite
Swarmer, flying termite

If you find beige squishy insects in your home, that may or may not have wings it is time to get a professional in. If there are many of these in your home there might even be a nest within your home. A nest within your home is never a good situation. It complicates treatment, but most importantly the termites can without disturbance devour your home very quickly. So, if you find many of the swarmers in your home it is very important to call for action quickly!

If you only find a few swarmers in your home there is less urgency. Termites can only fly very short distances though, so it is good to get it inspected either way. Michael, the founder and owner of Termite Guys Brisbane, will always look through the yard and surroundings of your house to treat any visible nest that may be the culprit.

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