Termites Devouring a Miniature Home!

Subterranean termites in Brisbane
Tiny Termite House – Termites devouring the miniature house in 50 days!

The National Pest Management Association, based in the US, carried out this very interesting experiment on termite destruction. They built a miniature house and then released termites into the ground surrounding it. The tiny house has all the bells and whistles as a regular size home.
After 50 days they opened up the house to see the full magnitude of the termite damage. The result of the termites devouring can be seen in the video above. You can read more about the investigation here.

We are unsure of what exact termite species the National Pest Management Association used in this case. Although, it is very likely to be the Formosan subterranean termite. As this is the most voracious and damaging species in America. The Formosan termite does not exist in Australia. However, one of the most destructive Australian termite species, Coptotermes, causes the same type of damage. Termite Guys Brisbane always recommends a proper protection to safeguard your most valuable belonging: your home. If you want to make sure to not have termites entering your home give Michael a call on 0447 268 257 to discuss further.

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