Nasutitermes WalkeriBrief description:
This termite is much darker in colour then other termite species found in Brisbane. Termites in the Genus nasutitermes can easily be identified by the sharp point at the front of there head on the soldier caste (Unlike most Termite soldiers which have two separated mandibles, this species head shaped with a sharp point or snout to replace the incisors)

Nesting Habits:
Dark coloured nests ( Mud mounds) and can be found throughout Brisbane’s bushland up in the trees or at the base of trees, on tree stumps, on power poles/posts and are found occasionally nesting inside the roof cavities of brisbane homes..

Favourite Food: Significant damage to sound timber in service is considered a rare occurrence as this species prefers decaying hardwood. We’ve seen several large infestations in homes with very little timber damage.

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