It is essential that you’re home is regularly inspected by a professional at least once a year and more often in high risk situations. See our Termite inspections page, there are some important things that you should look out for.

Here’s a check list you should use to check some of the more common areas termites can be found around your home.

  1. Garden
    Check under pots, Bark chip, and any stored timbers or logs around the home as Termites travel underground and often congregate in these areas for moisture or food.
  2. House Exterior
    Check for signs of Termite shelter tubes coming up from the ground. Shelter tubes are mud trails which termites build to protect them from ants and sunlight. You should also check under your home (if your home is built on piers or posts) to check for trails.  The trails are sometimes very difficult to find to the untrained eye and the termites don’t always need access to the ground which is why it is so important that your professional pest inspector check the whole home during a Termite inspection. Important: If your home has weep holes in the bricks, there should be 75mm clearance below the bottom of the weep holes and the ground where possible so check to see that the weep holes aren’t covered by gardens or soil. Termites love moisture so you should also eliminate any possible moisture sources  near the house. Ensure your Air-conditioning units, Hot Water system, downpipes and water tanks don’t release any water beside the building. Clear away any bark chip/ mulch or gardens close to the house. Termites need moisture and will travel long distances to find it. Especially through in the Drier Months.
  3. Previous Treatments
    You can check for evidence of previous treatments by looking inside your electrical meter box and kitchen cupboards for TERMITE PROTECTION stickers. If present, it should say the type of system or chemical used and most importantly the life expectancy of the system. Houses in South-East Queensland need protection and it’s important that you know if there is adequate Termite protection in place and how to maintain it. For free advice, Contact Us!
  4. Interior
    Why not design yourself a small tool for sounding the skirting boards inside the house. This is to check that all the decorative and structural timbers are solid. The handle of a golf club or screw driver is perfect and a knocking ball on the end so long as it won’t mark the timber or painted surfaces (ie a golf ball or timber ball on the end of a stick, like a blind person would use). Some people just cut off the head of an old golf club. thoroughly tap any accessible timbers be sure not too miss anywhere (ie behind stored items/ curtains and blinds where possible). You should keep a torch with you for checking in dark areas like the wardrobe. Beware that some timbers decorative timbers in the home may be Termite resistant which can make early detection by a home owner impossible.

The use of proper inspection equipment is an integral part of a thorough inspection and the consequences of relying Solely on your own inspection can be disastrous. 

Don’t risk it! Have your home regularly inspected by a Licensed Termite controller! Termite Guys Brisbane can deliver a termite detection service to your home just get in touch with them.

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