Termite Risk – in the suburbs of Brisbane

Where you live in Brisbane can have a massive impact on the risk of termites infesting your home. Some suburbs are more prone to termite issues than others. In the upcoming months we will go through the different suburbs of … Read More

What is in a non-repellent Termite Barrier?

Non-repellent Termite Barrier

The Termite Guys tackle most active termite infestations using the ‘non-repellent’ range of Termidor products. These products offer a long term protection and are undetectable to termites. The termites cannot detect the presence of the slow-acting chemical and bring it … Read More

What you need to know about Termites in winter

Termites in winter

Where are those termites in winter? Here in the Brisbane area you do not see them flying around during our “cooler” months. Just because termites do not swarm in winter, it does not mean they are asleep. They are certainly … Read More

Inconspicuous Termite Barrier Treatment

Are you worried about how a Termite Barrier Treatment may affect the look of your home? Sometimes bricks or tiles cannot be removed prior to the installation of the barrier. At these times we have to drill through them. Most … Read More

Golden Cane Palms; Enemy of the State

I am an avid vegetable gardener, you can really tell when you pick some fresh sweetcorn and cook it straight away, the difference between fresh grown and supermarket aged. We have respect for gardeners of all types and that’s why we … Read More

When You Found Termites in Your Home

OK. Don’t panic.   People often find them by closely examining some pine trim or by accidentally bumping it. If you can, seal the hole back up with some tape if you have some handy. It you don’t have any, … Read More

Understanding Termites and Moisture

Superbly adapted to conditions in Australia, there is only one thing termites are truly dependent on, moisture. In Brisbane their supply can range from overwhelmingly abundant (la nina 2010-2012) to extreme scarcity (el nino 2009). As we move away from … Read More