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Cornubia Termite Protection

This would have to be up there with one of our more challenging jobs. We were called out to a termite infestation in Cornubia, Brisbane Qld. This was a large brick home built in to the hill. Homes built this way can be difficult to protect post construction as termites often gain entry deep beneath the ground and it’s these types of jobs that keep us thinking outside the square.

The issue

This client had been having issues with power shorting out in areas of the home and as there had been recent heavy rain falls, damp was becoming a problem in areas. 

We were able to identify the cause of the power issues on our first visit as we quickly located a large termite nest in the wall built up around one of the power points. This is a common problem as termites commonly ‘pack’ around power points and the moisture, brought up out of the ground from the termites, can cause the power to short. This was treated using Termidor Dry which is a dust formulation, as opposed to Termidor foam which would have introduced more moisture to the area.

The treatment

The primary entry point was located when we installed an inspection vent to expose where the toilet pipe penetrates the slab. This is a common point of entry and in this case, the pipe had been treated when the house was built but under-slab chemical treatments expire after some time leaving the areas unprotected from termite attack. Newer homes should now have a more permanent form of termite protection in place to prevent these issues. In this case, we were able to treat around the pipe without too much hassle. In some cases, for example where termites gain entry through a shower pipe, treating an entry point like this can more a difficult exercise due to the tiles and moisture membrane over the area. 

After a full inspection, it was evident that the termites had made it to the roof over the second level which would need to be repaired by a builder.

Whilst many homes we treat we are able to achieve a very high level of termite protection, some house construction makes it impossible to achieve continuous treatment. This is where experience can really make the difference when choosing which company you’ll engage to install protection for your home. In the neighbour’s yard there were three large Tallowwood trees. Tallowwood is listed as a termite resistant timber, but from our experience this not the case at all, at least in living trees. 

Coptotermes acinaciformis, our most aggressive species of termite, and the type that we were dealing with at this site, regularly nest in Tallowwood trees. Lucky for us, the neighbour let us inspect and test drill the tree which confirmed that the nests were coming from there and we were able to treat them at the source using Termidor Foam. Provided care is taken in carrying out such work, it is typically in the best interest of the tree to treat the termites as over the time the termites will likely kill the tree.

Before After
The dark mass that is visible on the thermal image is the large termite nest in the wall that was built up around one of the power points.

The end result

In this case, we were able to achieve protection to the house in the crucial areas, and most importantly eliminate the source of the problem which will significantly lower the termite pressure on the property. After several follow-ups, we had gained total control of the infestation within a few weeks and have prevented reinfestation. In this case, annual inspections are crucial so that we can:

  • Monitor the house for moisture ingress using Thermal imaging and Moisture Meters
  • Keep an eye out for termite activity around the property.
  • Regularly check the areas where the termites had previously gained access with Termatrac Motion detection.
  • Ensure that the termite protection remains current.

On one of the days we were there, I snapped this pic of the owner’s ‘puppy’ who had clearly been busy pulling apart their cushions?.

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