Installing the Termite Barrier (treated Zone)

A Termite Barrier is a form of underground protection against subterrannean termites. These termites forage for wood by moving through the ground.

The Termidor Non-repellent Termite Barrier is a form of termite protection which is undetectible to termites. They cannot smell it, they cannot see it or taste it. It has a delayed reaction time which means that it is spread across the colony before the termites starts to die.

When a Termite Barrier is installed around the outside of the home, if undisturbed, will protect your home for up to 8 years.

Termite reticulation barrier installation.

Michael is here installing a reticulation termite barrier system. Putting down a hose will ensure an even distrubution of termiticide. It will also make for a cheaper refill when time is due in 8 years.

Installation of a Termite Barrier follows these steps:

  • A technician will either go out to your home to produce a quote for you, or use google maps if applicable. This quote gives you all details about our treatment, the Australian Standards and what is included in the process. This is emailed to you.
  • If you accept the quote we will go ahead with preforming a Termite Inspection according to AS 3660.2:2017. If any live termites are found we will treat them with Termidor Spray or Foam.
  • The technician will dig a trench around your home. If the soil is not suitable for the Termidor product we may have to replace it with a better suited substrate.
  • Areas concreted or tiled will have to be drilled at specific distances as to sustain a continous treatment. With the new Termidor HE product the distances can be increased and in most cases drill holes can be placed along grout lines. We will talk to you about our different options.
  • If a reticulated termite system is installed the hose is placed along the trench. A reticulated system allows a cheaper refill when the treatment is due in 8 years. If put down before areas are tiled or concreted these areas can be left completely undisturbed for following treatments.
  • The Termidor product is backfilled at specific rates per metre into the soil. This is to ensure the Termite Barrier is complete and sufficient. The soil is saturated down to the buildings foundation with Termidor.
  • We will put all the landscaping back in its place by the end of the day. To ensure the finished product is neat, tidy, well protected and less attractive to termites.
  • Drill holes will also be covered up with plugs carefully matched to tiles, concrete and grout lines.
  • You will be given a Certificate of Installation and an Inspection Report after the installation of the Termite Barrier is completed.

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Maintaining the treated zone

Termidor has a life expectany of 8 years in ideal conditions. Different soil types, climatic conditions and excessive exposure to sunlight or water may decrease the protection period.

It is important that measures are taken to minimise this wear and tear on the barrier. If you are renovating, extending, landscaping or putting down concrete around your home please let us know. We can then make sure the treatment can keep its integrity.

Annual Termite Inspections

It is a condition of our warranty period and a recommendation of the Australian Standards 3660 that annual inspections of the home be carried out by a licensed Technician. The annual inspections need to be preformed by a Termite Guys Brisbane technician for our warranty to be valid.

The annual inspactions allow us to identify any Termite Activity on the property that may require treatment and any areas around the home where the barrier may have been disturbed or compromised.

Termite Barriers and Water

Make sure all downpipes are adequately connected to stormwater. It is important that excessive water is not released into the treated zone every time it rains. Water damages the termite barrier greatly. The Termidor product is damaging to aquatic life, so it is very important to keep water away from it.


Bridging or breaching of the barrier can occur when the treated soil is disturbed or covered with untreated substrate. This means Termites can find a bridge of untreated soil to gain access to the building. Soil areas that are disturbed or changed may need to be retreated. Please contact us if you are conducting any landscaping in close proximity to the termite barrier.

Gardens/Trees close to the house

Avoid planting trees or gardens close to the house. Gardens need moisture and so do termites. Tree and palm roots can grow though the barrier creating tunnels for termites to travel. Tree roots can also upset building foundations, plumbing, brick work and should not be planted close to the house.

Termite Tips – Think Like a Termite

One of our inspectors spraying ground and doing a treatment

  • “mmmMmm Food! Yummy!” Keep all gardens free from timber, bark and wood chip, especially near your home.   
  • “We just Love Moisture!” Check all plumbing to ensure that water is not released beside the house.
  • “NOT our HOME!!!” Remove any dead tree stumps. Have them stump ground and treated if necessary. That’s where the Termites live.
  • ” The Termite Guys? We’re outta here!” Protect your home with Termidor.. .their best reason to leave!

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